At the origin of this 2009 study on the role of film directors in Belgium lay a question: why do festivals, cinema or television show so few films made by women, when in Belgian film schools there are more female than male students?

To make things clearer, the study made an initial assessment of the figures available in the country to determine the gender distribution in film schools and establish how film production and distribution structures attributed grant subsidies for women and men respectively.

The study compared the percentages of projects proposed by women and men, the type of project, the acceptance or rejection of applications, the amount allocated, the type of assistance provided, etc.. It also helps to identify areas where women meet obstacles along the whole film-making process, from conception to distribution. This study, limited in scope and time, throws light on hardly discussed topic. It provides the tools of argumentation and opens avenues that should be explored with more substantial research.

The debate is open, it’s just the beginning!