A collective, an energy, a team that decides to fill a gap in our cultural landscape, and thus a Women’s Film Festival is born.

Elles Tournent organizes each year a festival where the directors are invited to present their film and discuss with the public. The event is made up of +/- 20 sessions of films from all over the world, previews, unpublished sessions, interventions and debates bringing together experts who will ensure a reflexive or theoretical extension to the theme addressed, but also an action “Thinking equality in the cinema” for secondary school pupils with a special session, preceded by a presentation on image learning and followed by a debate in relation to the notion of equality between women and men.


The “Elles Tournent – Dames Draaien” Festival is an opportunity to screen unseen films from around the world and to showcase the first films of female directors.

EDITO 2021

After 12 years of sharing in Brussels cinemas, the 13th Festival “Elles Tournent – Dames Draaien” invites, without nostalgia, to watch films online on our small screens.