MASTER CLASS – PRODUCTION – Arlette Zylberberg


  SAT_28_09 | 16:30 | ROTONDE


Arlette Sylberberg, Head of Fiction (Film and TV) at Belgian TV presents Belgian film production.

How to finance a film today; who are the privileged financial partners; how does RTBF intervene in the development and co-production, and how does it support the release of its productions are some of the areas the masterclass will address.





Arlette Zylberberg, Head of Fiction (Film and TV), first launched the French Belgian series of the RTBF. These initial productions will lead to a weekly Belgian prime time series. She works with Yolande Moreau, Frédéric Fonteyne, Patrice Leconte, and the Dardenne brothers, Josée Dayan, Joachim Lafosse.