lheuredelaliberation_-2_srourlheuredelaliberation_ VER_srour   L’HEURE DE LA LIBÉRATION A SONNÉ

1974 | Fiction | 88′ | FR/UK/LI |vo AR st Fr   

In 1965 a guerilla starts in Oman against the ex-colonial British power. An uncompromisingly view of revolutionary movements in the Arab world, by the first Arab woman to be selected at Cannes Festival.




| Docu | 13′ | Maroc |




2013 | Fiction | 8′ | CHN | vo CH st FR + ENG

Facing a consumerist society, the real difficulty is decision-making and being able to choose.





2014 | Fiction | 70′ | FR  |  vo Fr

In order to cure their respective procrastination, a film director, an actor and a musician, go on a pilgrimage to Tunisia to see the cave settings in Matmata where George Lucas shot several scenes of « Star Wars ». As they arrive, they look for an anti-procrastination ritual which would help them to finally get back into action…This is alternative cinema: poor but free.

TOMORROW has been shot with a very small camera, a computer and very limited resources. This means no technical crew, just me and the actors… TOMORROW could not have been made differently; its creation process, very open and based on improvisation in every level, was incompatible with the ways of film industry.



‘Alors moi, il faut que je filme, non?’

Martine Doyen











Short | 4‘ | CA vo St Fr Nl Eng

A Cree young boy runs away from home. He fears being placed in foster care again.











2014 | Short | 11‘ | EAU | vo st Fr

War destroys dreams. Young Laila stands up against society and Essam cannot overcome his trauma. Based on a true story.











2014 | SHORT | 6′ | RUS  

A word becomes alive on a phone line and decides to move along and affect the lives of the people it meets.










2014 | Fiction | 80′ | TAI  | vo Ch st Fr Nl

Set during an economically turbulent period in Taiwan’s recent history, the film follows the small town boy from his life on a rice farm in the central Changhua region, to the military service that taught his the tricks of his trade and finally to full blown agitator trying to bring attention to the plight of the island’s farmers. As Taiwan enters the WTO and struggles beneath the burden of a newly globalized food supply, Yang Rumen (Huang Chien-Wei) transforms into an advocate for local farmers. Progressing from letters to the editor, to petitions at government agencies and finally his renowned rice bombs, Rumen (in reality now a major proponent and practitioner of organic farming after 7 years in prison) doesn’t want to hurt anybody, one of the reasons his 17 bombs (which spray rice like buckshot) are planted in reasonably empty spots. That’s not the case of his likeminded friend Troublemaker (Nikki Hsieh), a rich gangster’s daughter who prefers more militant action. (Elizabeth Kerr, the Hollywood Reporter)



“I still hope that through films, we can let the world become a better place. Perhaps, every deteriorating society would need a ‘Rice Bomb’!”

Cho Li









2013 | Short | 10′ | CH  | 

Creative street action in China to protest against violence against lesbians.









sonnomcellequimeurt__ VER_ bintloula   SON NOM ’CELLE QUI MEURT’ 
Short | 22′ | FR  | vo Fr

With a less idealistic vision of the charities in India, a young woman goes back to Calcutta to find out who she is.