1984  | Fiction | 90’’ | FR/BE/LIB/UK  | vo Ar st Fr

Exploration of the collective memory of Arab women in Middle-East. Leila is a young student who perceives the heroic role women played in wars, often forgotten inhistorical narrative.









BE | Documentaire | 52′ | BE  | vo Fr st Eng 

At the heart of the urban transformation, the renovation of the Théâtrede Liège. A film directed by a well-known photographer.



“C’est ça aussi un film, on prend des risques, c’est une gageure. On se demande si ça va marcher, mais c’est un peu comme si on jouait au poker.”

M-F Plissart









| Kortfilm | 10′ | MA  |

A beautiful story about transmission between women. “The woman from yesterday, the woman from today and the one from tomorrow, that is what my documentary is about.”- Hajar Belkasmi.











| Kortfilm | 25′ | CR  | vo CR st Fr Nl 

This is a story that ranges from “” administrative trifle “” in a language that does not meet the gender reality .The story begins that Danijela Stanojevic, director and a writer of a film, is requesting that her master’s degree accreditation should be in female gender. In Croatian language you have differences in language for male of female language. Slowly the film unfolds and discovers that in fact the administration does not recognize, and therefore does not admit the existence of another gender beyond male. The twist and drama arises when it comes to transgender and administrative definition of the existence of these people and their ability to exercise their right to work that jeopardizes life and endangers health …

The film shows the everyday reality of how everyday human rights are violated, and how we adapt to the administration in role of “that’s how it is defined” instead of administration applicable and adapted to real life.



“This is not only film about gender it is much more, it is a serious critic of a society that calls itself democratic and free.”

Danijela Stanojevic








2011 | Short| 10′ | BE | Vo fr |

In a new version of the tale, the wolf is fed up with his cruel reputation and reveals the true Red Ridinghood : a mischievous little girl.





2003| Short | 9′ | BE | Vo fr |

Physical traces of a lost love. Or the literal tearing of a couple.






2013 | FictiON | 108′ | IN  | vo HI st Fr Nl Eng

with: Nasir Ali, Manoy Bakshi, Shashi Bhushan

“Kajarya”” is a film about the force of circumstances and how they make people who they are and that it is only our personal choices that actually define the outcome of the circumstances. Set against two backdrops, New Delhi and a village in Haryana, the protagonist murders unwanted girl infants in the garb of religion. Kajarya and Meera are two absolutely different women from two different worlds. Kajarya is an uneducated woman who lives in an Indian village. Meera, an educated, modern woman who lives alone in a city.

Meera is a global citizen. She could be living anywhere in the world. Ordinarily, the lives of these two women should never have crossed. But circumstances bring the two together and lock them in to an orbit that neither can break out of. Like planets they are caught in each other’s energy field almost without their willing. At another level, Kajarya and Meera’s circumstances are defined by the time and place of their birth. And yet the society they live in judges them for their actions. And so the film also looks at the deep societal hypocrisy that collectively supports something heinous and ugly and pushes everything under the carpet. And then stands on judgement of those who have been forced in to positions they did not really want.”



“Kajarya is a metaphor for that ugly side of society that everyone wants to hide.”

Madhureeta Anand.









2013 | Short | 14′ | IN  | vo Eng st Fr Nl

Edgy humorous campaign against violence against women in India. Widely seen on TV and networks.










2013 | Fiction | 48′ | CH  | vo Ch st Fr Nl Eng

with: Guo Yue & Yang Mingming

After graduating from filmmaking school Ah Ming and Yueyue can find no work, so they decide to make a film of their own lives. While working in a theater, Yueyue falls for the play’s male lead. The two young women gradually work out the preliminaries of their shooting plan, until one day the unexpected happens.”



“My best toy is my small camera, not pretty boys, because it can be a gun sometimes.”

Yang Ming Ming








2013 | Documentary| 73′ | BE  | vo Fr 

Evelyne Axell was a Belgian artist whose work is only aknoweldged 30 years later. She was one of Magritte’s students. Her like, her beauty and her expression are linked. She was the first woman in history to paint herself naked, who dared expressing her desire through painting. The film follows the artist’s life.