| Kortfilm | 25′ | CR  | vo CR st Fr Nl 

This is a story that ranges from “” administrative trifle “” in a language that does not meet the gender reality .The story begins that Danijela Stanojevic, director and a writer of a film, is requesting that her master’s degree accreditation should be in female gender. In Croatian language you have differences in language for male of female language. Slowly the film unfolds and discovers that in fact the administration does not recognize, and therefore does not admit the existence of another gender beyond male. The twist and drama arises when it comes to transgender and administrative definition of the existence of these people and their ability to exercise their right to work that jeopardizes life and endangers health …

The film shows the everyday reality of how everyday human rights are violated, and how we adapt to the administration in role of “that’s how it is defined” instead of administration applicable and adapted to real life.



“This is not only film about gender it is much more, it is a serious critic of a society that calls itself democratic and free.”

Danijela Stanojevic