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  THU_25_09 | 21:30 | ROTONDE



2014 | Fiction | 70′ | FR  |  vo Fr

In order to cure their respective procrastination, a film director, an actor and a musician, go on a pilgrimage to Tunisia to see the cave settings in Matmata where George Lucas shot several scenes of « Star Wars ». As they arrive, they look for an anti-procrastination ritual which would help them to finally get back into action…This is alternative cinema: poor but free.

TOMORROW has been shot with a very small camera, a computer and very limited resources. This means no technical crew, just me and the actors… TOMORROW could not have been made differently; its creation process, very open and based on improvisation in every level, was incompatible with the ways of film industry.



‘Alors moi, il faut que je filme, non?’

Martine Doyen









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